Four Flavorful Picnic Menus That Don't Require Refrigeration

If you enjoy a picnic, consider packing something to nibble on that won't require refrigeration. This not only makes picnicking easier but expands your outing options without the restraints of refrigerating food and drink along the way.

Consider these four flavorful picnic menus this summer:

1. Easiest Sandwich Ever

Pack a simple sandwich loaded with flavor that sits on fresh-baked Kaiser rolls from your favorite bakery. Layer peppered, smoked meats, like salami or pepperoni, skip the cheese, and use pickled veggies instead of mayo for a condiment that doesn't require refrigeration. The longer this simple sandwich sits, the better it tastes!

2. Something Fishy

Canned meats, particularly fish packed in oil, make a practical though unexpected snack for a picnic. Sardines actually offer a slew of health benefits, so consider bringing them along. Serve with crusty bread and sweet, crisp fruit like apple wedges, cut on-site to prevent browning of the fruit. Some simple sides that go well with sardines or other canned fish for a picnic include:

  • Crisp cabbage slaw
  • Rings of sweet Vidalia onion, cut thin
  • Pickled peppers or jalapenos
  • Crisp potato or vegetable chips

Cleanse the picnic palate with a glass of dry wine or seltzer.

3. Soup-to-Go

Soup makes a simple, summer picnic meal that is easy to serve and enjoy anywhere; fruit or veggie-based soups like gazpacho are perfect on a hot day and are typically served at room temperature or chilled.  Pack the soup in a thermos and bring along a fresh-baked baguette to tear and serve with the soup for a delicious detour from sandwiches. While you are at the bakery, pick up something sweet and decadent for dessert, like a fruit tart or chocolate croissant, that you can pack in your picnic basket.

4. European Eats

Make things just about as simple as you can get; go European with a block of cheese, loaf of bread, and bottle of something sparkling. Add a bunch of washed grapes — leave them on the stem to serve — and this is the perfect and satisfying brunch, lunch, or anytime snack that is best enjoyed outside, near the water, in the park, or even in your backyard. Visit your favorite bakery for fresh rolls or bread and ask your grocer for soft and hard cheeses that are best served at room temperature.

Get out and enjoy a picnic this summer! Try these four flavorful but super-easy menus that won't require you to keep them on ice or in the fridge throughout your day.

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If you enjoy a picnic, consider packing something to nibble on that won't require refrigeration. This not only makes picnicking easier but expands you

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