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5 Great Breads You Can Sell At Your Restaurant

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Bread is one of the most delightful foods around. It is versatile and can complement almost anything. While many restaurants give bread away while their guests are waiting for their food, consider using it as a way to drive traffic and revenue to your restaurant by selling unique breads to go along with peoples’ meals. Here are 5 great breads that would be uniquely yours and help to make your restaurant stand out from others in your area. Pain au Chocolate Pain au chocolate is a French bread made by wrapping a few pieces of dark chocolate in a croissant-like dough. This treat is widely known and eaten throughout Europe, but it hasn’t made as big of an impression here in the United States. Nevertheless, it is an incredible treat that would add a unique variety to your restaurant. Melon Pan Melon pan is an Asian bread that is formed by coating a sweet dough in a layer of cookie dough and then baking it. This causes the cookie dough to crack and form a surface that is textured like a cantaloupe. These breads are extremely versatile and can be enhanced with different types of cookie doughs or by filling it with custard. Banbury Cake A Banbury cake is made with a puff pastry and a combination of zesty and sweet ingredients like currants, cinnamon, and nutmeg. These are simple to make, but are usually made just in Banbury, England. By introducing them in the United States, you would be one of the only restaurants to serve them. French Baguettes Long, thin French baguettes are one of the most imitated breads in the world. Renowned for their soft center and crispy crust, a baguette is a culinary delight. Many restaurants serve French bread, a pale and tasteless imitation of a real baguette. Source the ingredients and the knowhow and you will have something that will truly delight your customers. You can also use these as the base for any sandwich items on your menu, as a baguette is a perfect complement to any sandwich. Kniepp brot Kniepp brot is a full, hearty loaf of bread from Norway. This bread is extremely nutritious, as it includes a variety of whole wheats and brans. Kniepp brot has a robust, nutty flavor and is heavier than most loaves of bread. Because of this, it is a treat that even your most nutrition-conscious customers would buy. Check with your bread supplier, like Klosterman Baking Company, and see what options they can help you with to help take your menu to the next...

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